Belts for men

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Belts for men

Details make the difference – Do it by makers & disigner

High-quality leather belts, made for the men who make decisions

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Belts for men

Shop belts for men Jmn1970 brand clothing manufactured and handmade by our artisans in Spain, working with the best leathers to create exclusive designs and high quality accessories for men.

We offer you all kinds of accessories that define your personality and attitude.

Male belts

Our designs are focused on the elegance of each of the moments and styles. In our online belt store you can find all categories of accessories for each of the occasions in your life.

For this reason in Jmn 1970 we have selected the different belt designs focused on different scenarios to respect the essence of each one, thus adapting our creations.

Belt collections by our artisans

Business Belts , represents our collection destined to the combination of the perfect clothing for day to day in the business world, where first impressions matter to achieve success

Casual Belts , our most open collection adapted to clothing trends to be always up to date with the latest trends.

Night belts , belts for men perfect to combine them with your most daring clothes for the night.

Unique Belts , our collection par excellence synonymous with unique moments and unrepeatable, men’s belts to give away for those men so important in our lives.

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