Jmn 1970 quality elegant accessories

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Details make the difference since 1970

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Specialist belt designers

D etails make the difference since 1970 Spain

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Guaranteed Returns


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Free Shipping


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Belts Manufacturers


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exclusive collection

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wide buckles BELTS

exclusive collection

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In Jmn 1970 we are artisans and designers of quality accessories for both men and women who value and like to take care of the details that define them, where you can buy fashion accessories.

We are known for our special care and attention to detail in our belts. belts and their elegance and their elegance. We want to give an exclusive product for a few, handmade with great detail, using only high quality materials .

Creators since the beginning of designer belts, Years go by and traditions are lost, that is why we want to preserve the values and knowledge of past generations that have made the details and quality of our belts made by artisans of the country.

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“Details make the difference”

Take care of the details, the first impression is everything.

-Be Unique-

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At Jmn® we are manufacturers and designers of leather accessories, for both men and women, paying special attention to our customers dress belts Jmn® was born from the hand of the craftsman Joan Montoliu experienced in the world of fashion and detail as a manufacturer for major brands, now we decided to grant an exclusive product for a few, handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. detail, using only high quality materials.

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Unique belts

Belts for special occasions and exclusive for the most important moments of your life and yours.

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Men’s Belt

Leather belts for men  for all kinds of occasions, make the details make the difference

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Belts for dresses where on special occasions you can not miss a good belt that represents the elegance and importance of the moment.

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Business Belts

Perfect business belts for your day to day in your play and fun zone, do what you like and you will be unstoppable.


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Jmn 1970   synonymous with belts with tradition

Purpose of creating unique belts in design | Following the philosophy that defines us hardworking and creative we believe that the presence in the world of business and commerce in the day to day is a fundamental aspect to convey our the greatest of our qualities. Respect and honesty are our guiding values to create our designs linked to our artisanal manufacturing culture for our collections using unique and innovative materials.

For this reason we want to help you to represent your personality in a clear and precise way through our detailed and unique men’s accessories collections, taking into account that communication is based on 90% of our body expression. In “Be the best version of yourself” you will find all the tricks and exclusive information to take advantage of all your potential and creativity for your professional, dress and social life.

“The first impression they get of you is likely to be for life.”-  Oscar Wilde

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Exclusive offers for you

We want to show how much we appreciate you wanting to be a part of our retail lifestyle. For this reason we will always offer you special prices and packs for being one of the Jmn family.

Subscribe and receive all the information about offers, discounts, packs, exclusive collections … yyyyyyyy much more hehe 😉

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Stylish belts for men 

Find stylish leather belts for men and other innovative fabrics. quality and exclusive belts to match your outfit.

Elegant belts for women

Discover exclusive women’s belts perfect to combine with elegant outfits to match work and social life.


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